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Exercise smarter
be Aware of Your Movement

Discover the optimized training experience
supported by AI, AR and Computer Vision

Why exercise with AYM Fit?


maximize sport effect


risk of injuries


More motivation


We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services to know better about your body and emotion

AI Trainer with
Real-Time Correction

AYM Fit is your new personal trainer. You get suggestions according to your conditions or wishes. During the exercises, you get immediate and precise feedback on your posture along with how to correct it the right way.

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 15.32.02.png

Individual Program Recommender for Relaxation Techniques

AYM Fit analyse your condition combined with extern factors such as weather and climate recommend the customized program for you. You can complete the suggested program in many different ways in meditation and relaxation techniques. 


Female friendly programs


effective for
ADHD symptoms


to your own body

AYM Fit helps you
for optimized home-training 

Laughing Yoga

Vision of AYM Fit

A new approach, using modern technologies for your healthy days

Be Aware of Your Movement.

With AYM Fit you can check your postures, and how effective you are at exercise. Along with our relaxation techniques in diverse variations, you start your day with high motivation and balance.

Let's start together.

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